LOTEM and the JNF

The JNF has been a major partner in LOTEM’s success story for more than a decade. In 2002, LOTEM, together with the KKL/JNF and Hadassah Women, built an all-inclusive trail through Nachal HaShofet, near Yokneam. This circular trail, which has been expanded and improved upon through the help of the Weinberg Family Foundation and the Mayerson Family Foundation, covers a distance of 1.5 kilometres. It offers caves, springs, swimming areas, wooden lookouts, and a wide variety of flora and fauna – all free of charge. In 2008, the JNF and LOTEM received a prize from the Ministry of Agriculture for the establishment of this trail, which is presently enjoyed by more than a million people every year.

The JNF also supports LOTEM’s Four Seasons project for children and adults with special needs, our Integra-teva project, which fosters co-existence among Jewish, Moslem and Christian children, our Mother Nature project, which offers activities in nature to mothers and children residing in shelters for battered women, and From Black to Green, which teaches fire prevention on the Carmel. In addition, the JNF and its women’s division, the Sapphire Society, has been a generous supporter of many capital projects on LOTEM’s ecological farm in Emek HaShalom. These include an antilya – or ancient water wheel.

Donations to LOTEM can be made via your local JNF office. Gifts to the JNF which are intended for LOTEM must be earmarked as such.

For additional information contact
Alisa Bodner, JNF- LOTEM Liaison
US: (347) 236-3262
Israel: 972-502634332

or your local JNF representative

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