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רז מדריך מבקרים מניו יורק בנחל השופט

Raz_hasolelim2Raz’s Blog” is a new blog published by LOTEM- Making Nature Accessible. Raz is a national service volunteer in his second year of service with LOTEM. In this blog, Raz will share his experiences in and recommendations for different hiking spots in Israel- positive as well as negative (though mostly positive). 

Blog #1 Nahal HaShofet: Raz shares his experiences hiking on Israel’s first inclusive trail, a beautiful site that LOTEM developed with KKL-JNF and other partners.

Blog #2 Hula Nature Reserve: Raz reviews the first nature reserve that was declared in Israel-one of the country’s most popular nature sites.

Blog #3 Solelim Forest: Raz writes about an accessible trail in the north of Israel that is still a secret to many.

Blog #4 Accessible Transportation: Raz writes about a slightly different experience, his first bus ride.

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