Four Seasons

טיול בטבע במסגרת פרויקט "ארבע עונות"

Four Seasons offers outings and workshops to special needs participants during the four seasons of the year. Through hikes and workshops, children and adults are exposed to the wondrous changes that occur in nature – the shedding of leaves in autumn, the cycles of water in winter, the blossoming of flowers in spring, and the intense heat of summer. LOTEM’s professional guides tailor all activities to the needs of a particular group. The visually-impaired are provided with 3-dimensional models and explanations in Braille, autistic children make use of illustrated communication tables, the intellectually-challenged are offered simplified explanations, and the physically-challenged are guided on special trails.

For additional information contact
Alisa Bodner, Director of Developmet
US: (347) 236-3262
Israel: 972-502634332

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