Educational Projects

LOTEM serves 30,000 participants throughout the country through the following educational projects. All of LOTEM’s projects have been made possible through generous contributions from donors in Israel and abroad.

Four Seasons

טיול בטבע במסגרת פרויקט "ארבע עונות"

Four Seasons offers outings and workshops to special needs participants during the four seasons of the year. Through hikes and workshops, children and adults are exposed to the wondrous changes that occur in nature – the shedding of leaves in
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Mother Nature

טיול של פרויקט "אימא אדמה"

Over 200,000 women in Israel and half-a-million children are exposed to domestic violence over a one year period There are 13 shelters for battered women and their children throughout Israel Shelters treat Arabs and Jews, religious and secular, new immigrants
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Green Time


The majority of people with special needs residing in rehab centers, hospitals, hostels and other facilities are unable to participate in programs at neighborhood schools or community centers. Nor can they leave the indoors on a regular basis and enjoy
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Integra-Teva fosters coexistence among Jews and Arabs from all parts of Israel. Participants learn about organic products from the Middle East, as well as about ancient agricultural techniques used by Jews and Arabs throughout the ages. Activities are designed to bring
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Mitzvah to Mitzvah


Celebrate Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah in a Meaningful Way with LOTEM Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a significant moment in the life of a Jewish boy or girl.  Our “Mitzvah to Mitzvah” program offers Bnei Mitzvah youth
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