Our Staff


Sorin Hershcu, Chairman of the Board, is the director of a private software company. A quadriplegic, who was wounded during the IDF rescue of hostages in Entebbe in 1976, Sorin is well aware of the difficulties of accessing outdoor space. Sorin became involved with LOTEM in order to help people with special needs experience and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Amos Ziv, Founder and Director of LOTEM, is a major in the IDF reserves. Amos has a strong background in economics and business, and has served as the farm manager of Yokneam Moshava. In addition to his work with LOTEM, Amos promotes the establishment and development of accessible nature trails for the disabled throughout Israel, and is a partner in the Committee for the Advancement of Accessibility in Open Rural Areas.

Alisa BodnerAlisa, Director of Development, was raised in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. After directing an organization in NY that works with wounded IDF veterans and participating in JNF’s Alternative Spring Break trip three times, Alisa moved to Israel where she has been living for the past 2.5 years. Alisa knew that she wanted to be involved in something where every day she could be making a difference for the people of Israel. Her love of hiking and her involvement with JNF led her to LOTEM. In her free time, Alisa volunteers with at risk youth, dances and hikes.

Rotem Weiner

web, Projects Coordinator, holds a B.A. in Psychology and Community Theater from Haifa University and an M.A. in Rehabilitation Psychology from Bar Ilan University. Rotem began working at LOTEM as a field-guide during her two-year military service. For the past eleven years, she has continued working in various capacities. Today, Rotem is responsible for the coordination of LOTEM’s educational projects.

LOTEM’s leadership team is made of men and women with considerable experience in nature studies and education, female soldiers in the IDF, and young women carrying out their National Community Service requirements. The State of Israel and the IDF, which recognize the great importance of LOTEM’s activities, have allocated our junior staff to work as field guides during their two-year service. All of Lotem’s guides participate in an intensive training course that integrates a knowledge of nature with an understanding of special education and its various didactic techniques. The course is held in cooperation with Oranim Academic College and the Society for the Protection of Nature.

LOTEM operates under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Education.